Monday, May 24, 2010


Couldn't think of a more ideal person to receive the beach themed cuppies than Sandy....
Cupcakes By Kimmy handcrafted beachballs, beach towels, crabs and starfish to pile on top of the toasted coconut sandy beaches. But no beach is complete without the water and (cue jaws music) the great white lurking in the deep.
Take a peek at my creations of the week, hopefully they made the birthday girl laugh!
Eat cupcakes...
xx Kimmy

Sunday, April 25, 2010


These cool little Strawberry Shortcake cuppies were for the delight of Isabella's birthday party. With a selection of bright pink and blue frostings topped with either a Strawberry Shortcake ring or edible flower with Strawberry Shortcake pick in the top, they looked fantastic when grouped together and used as a birthday cake alternative.

I hope you had a great birthday Isabella...
x Kimmy

Monday, March 29, 2010


Birthday wishes for Marg Duncan, the mother of my fantastic friend, Tani. I'm pretty sure all she wanted for her birthday was 12 mini presents...and she got them in the form of Gift Box Cupcakes.
Vanilla base and a pink vanilla frosting with colour co-ordinating ribbon wrapped licorice all-sorts perched high above. I had a great time making these cakes and I hope Marg and her cute little girls had a good time eating them!

x Kimmy

Friday, March 26, 2010


'Aqua On Marine' in Coolangatta are the lucky recipients of these delicious cakes. This cute little cafe on the beachfront has been retailing Cupcakes By Kimmy cakes for several weeks now and they are walking off the shelf.
The first little wonders feature handcut blooms with silver cachous embedded as a centre. Sadly, it's not too visible in the photo, but the pink underlaying flower is dusted with edible pink glitter which makes it really stand apart from the red flower...sweet!
The berry cupcakes are appropriately named 'Berry Berry Nice' ...although I've nicknamed them 'Bleeding Berries' due to the berry juice flowing through the vanilla frosting creating a heavenly taste sensation...

Why not try some cupcakes at your next party...or just hide them in the fridge and indulge yourself! For a current pricelist or any enquiries please email me on

Smile. Laugh. Enjoy Life. Eat Cupcakes.

x Kimmy

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Absolutely adorable! These completely edible toadstools come with there own friendly butterfly!
Hand made and coloured in a wide variety of shades, try and keep your hands off these cakes at your next get-together! Email me for a quote



Saturday, March 6, 2010


Wow!! My fantastic new logo's created exclusively for cupcakes by kimmy by Troy Archer, my generous and very talented big brother...x

I now have a truly unique logo..look forward to seeing it around the place!

Eat cupcake!!